e’clat-h Hair Kit

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e’clat-h Volume Boost Shampoo with Keratin

200 ml

"For hairfall control, damaged hair"

70 in stock

e’clat-h The Hair Supplement

30 capsules

For Hairfall control, Damaged Hair

e'clat-h Volume Boost Energizing Scalp Serum with Argan Oil 100 ml

Quantity 100 ml

The eclat H energizing scalp Serum Phyntantriol, Biotin, D penthenol caffeine work together to stimulate hair follicles,leading to increased thickness and regrowth of hair.

Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Boabab oil, Onion Oil, Tea tree and other essential oil are also included in the formula to help nourish & hydrate scalp creating a healthy environment for hair to thrive.

e'clat-h The Ultimate Multitasker Hair Oil With Argan Oil 100ml

100 ml

For Hair fall, damaged hair, scalp hydration

e’clat-h Revitalize Conditioner with Keratin 200 ml

200 ml

Boost smoothness & Volume

e'clat h Revitalize Hair Conditioner refortifies the cuticle with protective coating allowing the hair to keep growing and not breaking easily. It also smooth the hair, detangle it, increase shine, reduce frizz and make it feel nicer to touch.


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