e’clat Superior Regenta is the best serum for ageing gracefully.

We at e’clat superior take the proageing approach with our Regenta harnesses the power of EGF (epidermal growth factors) to enhance the youthful, radiant skin rather than erasing the fine lines and wrinkles.

We espoused proageing approach.” We are celebrating ageing rather than trying to stop it.”

We are realistic in this way ageing can’t be stopped while with the experience of life you must radiate more with positive aura, and we believe that we can achieve this with simple and clean skincare.

e’clat superior Regenta regenerates the youthful radiance.

Regenta contains EGF which has incredible positive effects on skin by increasing collagen production, hydrate the skin, reduces pigmentation and restore damaged skin.

Today the consumer is looking for simple skincare. Regenta will replace countless products in bathroom cabinets.

Double cleansing followed by Regenta will keep your youthful radiance intact.

EGF: An active phytonutrient is a biological ingredient from the plant source that directly affects the function of the skin.